Asthma and COVID-19

We live in unprecedented and scary times due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those with asthma might experience more fear, since underlying lung problems can put you at a higher risk of severe disease. In this blog we discuss COVID-19 in the context of asthma.

There are two important questions that people with asthma should consider –

  1. Are asthmatics more likely to get COVID-19?
  2. If a person with asthma gets COVID-19, will the illness be more severe than in a person without asthma?

Fortunately, as of now, there is no evidence to suggest that those with asthma are more likely to catch the COVID-19 virus.

With regards to the second question, the CDC mentions that “People with moderate to severe asthma may be at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19”. There are no definite studies to support this, but it does make sense logically. The COVID-19 virus mainly affects the respiratory tract, including the lungs. Uncontrolled asthma reduces lung health and function. In this scenario, if there is a second assault on the lungs by the COVID-19 virus, it stands to reason that there might not be enough lung reserve/capacity to get through the COVID illness.

Those with asthma need to make sure that their asthma is very well controlled. This will ensure that the lungs are in the best condition should there be an infection by the COVID-19 virus. Here are some things to consider:

More information can be found at these resources:

COVID-19 is a new and emerging disease. As we learn more about it, the situation with regards to asthma might change in the future.

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Swapnil Vaidya MD, PhD Board Certified Allergy/Asthma/Immunology Physician

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